Cigarettes: Why do the majority of smokers still smoke regular cigarettes when electronic cigarettes are said to be less harmful?


Miles Dolphin‘s answer to:

The reasons are many:

  1. Inertia: Many smokers like what they are doing and don’t want to change, see no reason to change and are generally unwilling to change.
  2. Lack of accurate knowledge: There has been some adverse publicity and media coverage, much of which has since been proved inaccurate. The most noted cases being the FDA press release in the USA, and the BMA statements in the UK.
  3. Up until now there has been little advertising for Electric cigarettes and personal nicotine vapourisers in general. This is now being rectified, and some brands are becoming recognisable. This has been in response to a general lack of awareness of the product.
  4. There are so many different brands, that none of them are (to date) gaining more than a small market share. The industry is still in the stages of growing from a ‘cottage’ industry to a sizeable one. The average size of the businesses is still small.
  5. Quality variance: The quality varies a lot, from the cheap rather poor imported cig-a-likes to the the much larger high quality personal vapourisers. There are good ones and bad ones in both categories.
  6. Pricing policy of the ‘starter packs’: In the UK there are some of the larger importers who have priced their packs and refills to match up with the tax-inflated prices of cigarettes, so there is no clear price advantage of swapping to e-cigs. (I am not aware of pricing in the USA). This discourages the average UK smoker from changing as he will see no immediate benefit. It is not until he starts researching the products available that he will discover the cost benefits obtainable by buying elsewhere.

This is a growth industry which people are still discovering, usually by personal contact and example for now.

For some accurate information on the subject see the board which has lots of links to various articles from many agencies, including scientific papers and results of testing, along with replies to some of the more inaccurate statements.


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