But is it “Evidence”?


An interesting post that would be correct if real evidence existed!

Whilst the title is right, it appears that the content uses a slightly distorted version of the English language. The word “evidence” seems to be being used in a way that I don’t understand, instead of being used as “proven fact”, it is being used as “ideological theories”.
To date there is no data at all as to whether plain packs will have any effect at all on the rate of take up by youth. Only Australia has this at the moment and no figures have yet come to light. To call the theories that led to the Australian experiment “evidence” is misleading to say the least. The studies that suggest this policy are, to date, only theoretical ones, and remain invalid as evidence that the policy will work. To be sure, they suggest that it might work, but I would suspect that a minimum pack size of 25, and a price bump, would work better and end up a lot cheaper to implement.

To be honest, when I was smoking, I didn’t look at the packs at all, just the prices.

I have no objection in principle to plain packs for tobacco or minimum pricing for alcohol, I do object to the waste of resources that may be incurred by either imposing these theories before they have been proven by testing, or by legal costs from challenges by IP owners.

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2 responses to “But is it “Evidence”?”

  1. Christopher Snowdon says :

    “I have no objection in principle to plain packs for tobacco or minimum pricing for alcohol”

    You have no objection “in principle” to the state fixing prices and confiscating intellectual property? Why the hell not?

    • mdolphins says :

      On the contrary, I have no personal animus against the “plain packs” and “minimum pricing” for alcohol, I do, however, as you pointed out, not approve of the state sponsored theft that you so rightly mention.
      I feel that this must be a negotiated deal between the IP owners, or a fairly massive payment in compensation for the “plain packs” to come into being.
      I await the results of the AU / cigar & cigarette case with bated breath.

      Fixing a minimum price for the alcohol is not the problem IMO that a maximum price would be, as it is not theft, just a little jiggering of the market. I am willing to be educated on this though should a flaw in my thoughts be obvious to everyone else.

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