The self-righteousness of vapers

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The self-righteousness of vapers and their “miracle” product. a post by Simon Clark on the “Taking Liberties” blog.

I agree with most of the sentiments expressed both in SC’s article and in many of the comments here.
Yes, there are some sanctimonious and sometimes even evangelistic vapers out there, and usually they are the ones who took it up as an aid to quitting, or are new to “the hobby” and have not really discovered the joys and choices of vaping. The attitude would be best summed up by the saying “There but for the grace of ‘e-cigs’, go I”!
There are also many people out there who are pro e-cigs, who are keen to show off what they have, what they use and even how it tastes etc. These are the ones quietly getting on with what they are doing, who will happily pause to answer questions and show off, they may even give advice as to how to find the vaper’s ultimate goal – the “perfect vape”. They will however know that there is no such universal beast, and warn that the search for it can prove almost as expensive as smoking. These are vaping’s success stories, as far as switching goes. The prime UK example of this type of person is a presenter of Vapoutrails TV, David Dorn. Encouragement as opposed to evangelism is the key here!
Ms Devlin has been captured by her job, and as such is required to be evangelistic to do it properly, but sometimes she does overdo it a bit. Kath is a wonderful person who would not deliberately become sanctimonious.
Myself? I am what is dismissively called a “dual-fueller”, that is one who both smokes and vapes. Thus attacking smokers for their “bad habit” would be cutting my nose off to spite my face. I love faffing around with a genesis atomiser and home-made mods in the evening, but during the morning I just don’t have the time, so I smoke – a little.

PS. Advice for Vapefest – book a hotel room somewhere near it NOW, as I am assured that beer is a goodly part of the proceedings. I just wish I could get there, but for a Bournemouth hotelier in August, it’s an impossibility.

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