A forum gets satirically truthful, Courtesy of Dragonmum

From the ukvapers forum — http://ukvapers.org/Thread-help-me-catch-up-on-all-of-this?pid=471939#pid471939


Hey guys, been reading through all the posts with regards to the proposed bans/regs! This gov is so feckin corrupt its untrue! They juat want in on the tax and popularity of the vaping world

Anywqy Finding it hard to understand were we are at NOW? How likely are these bans to take place?

Are the goverment seriously going to put thousands of companies out of bussiness and put people back on the weed? Or will the vendors juat have to sell licensed products ?

Can it not just mean that the eliquid vendors will have to be checked and regulated?

Can someone put it all in a nutshell for me please Wink


Once upon a time a thing called an e-cig got invented and started to gain a market circa 2007/8ish. No-one was bothered because it was only used by a bunch of cranks who were looking for a substitute fag and of course there could be no such thing.
Fast forward to December 2012 and the ranks of cranks had swollen to millions in the U.S, E.U and U.K and, even worse, a lot of them had stopped buying tobacco because, by a really serendipitous happenstance, the ecig not only satisfied the users – they actually grew to prefer it!! What was really surprising though was that the health of ecig users appeared to improve. Lungs cleared up, asthma sufferers threw away their Salmeterol – heart conditions improved, joggers who had been sedentary for years put on their running shoes again, the list went on and on.
This was wonderful news.
Alas, not for the tobacco companies who were losing a big slice of their market; not for the big pharmaceutical companies either – these “vapers” were a huge threat to them. Not only were they no longer in need of the expensive drugs for C.O.P.D and related conditions, of which, according to their figures, one in two smokers die – but it was entirely possible that they would avoid lung cancer, and that is seriously expensive treatment.
As if that were not enough to contend with there was the loss of all the billions paid out world-wide for Nicotine Replacement Therapies which, it is said, are ineffective 95% of the time – unlike the e-cig which satisfies the user 57% of the time, a conservative figure.
Most smokers desperate to quit will pay anything for a “cure” – if they are fortunate enough to reside in the U.K the Government will fund this indefinitely, at the tax-payers expense; other countries are not so generous.
And so we come to Government – I can only cite the U.K of course.
Now, for any cynics out there, they only want what’s best for us – don’t they?
Smoking-related disease is estimated to cost the NHS £1.3 billion per annum and that’s a serious amount of money; on the other hand they screw smokers for £9 billion per annum. Now, mathematics was never my strong suit, but one has to wonder whether the fact that one smoker subsidises treatment for himself and six or seven other (possibly non-smoking but still sick) citizens might not weigh just the teensiest bit with them when they consider their budget.
What a dilemma for them all you might think, but help was at hand; in December 2012 they found that the Tobacco Products Directive or TPD was due for resurrection so, taking advantage of Christmas when everyone would be full of good cheer, they slipped in a little clause making E- cigarettes a “tobacco product” – how clever was that? Well, not very, actually. as we shall see.
E-cigarette users all over Europe picked up on this i……

Sorry this isn’t a nutshell reply, not even a reply really – I haven’t answered any of your points but others will. Your post just started me thinking is all.

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