So, You Want to Write an Article About Electronic Cigarettes

The Flying Vapor


You are likely underinformed.

There is an emerging body of press shining something that wishes to be light on the growing popularity of eCigs.  Unfortunately, the quality of this coverage often lacks accuracy and objectivity.  In all honesty, a good deal of it reads like a terrifying love letter to the trembling masses on behalf of the Nanny State.  As a journalist, you might want to avoid that.

Here are some pointers to get you started:

  1. It’s NOT Smoking!  I’ve seen plenty of articles that casually refer to what we do as “smoking”.  Even in passing, this might give the reader the impression that eCig use is the same as smoking a cigarette.  On the contrary, eCig users are best identified as Vapers.  As in “People that use a Personal Vaporizer (PV)”.  What we are doing is Vaping.  Vapers Vaping Vapor.
  2. The FDA did a “study”…

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