In Response to Martin McKee

In Response to Martin McKee

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Of course the bulk of pictures on google are going to be cig-a-likes, numerically the largest number of e-cigs made are the first and second generation look-a-like e-cigs, as these are the ones that are most suitable for mass production. These are the ones that are shown in exploded diagrams on PH websites, the three  part one is the first generation, and the two part is the second. They tend to be expensive for the contents and not very efficacious (say 3 for efficacy where a patch IMO is a 1).
The next generation is the eGo style which is the simple battery with a clear plastic top/atomiser on it, the mass production of these began over a year ago in China,  these are now appearing more and more in the papers as the headline picture.(efficacy 5 -6)
The fourth generation of e-cigs is the mechanical battery tube with a carto/tank on top of it. The mod (battery tube) may or may not have a method of varying the voltage. (efficacy 6-7)
We are currently mostly using (experienced long-term vapers) fifth generation e-cigs. The mods are variable wattage or voltage or capable of either. The atomisers are stainless steel and pyrex, often hand made on CNC milling machines by experts, with fully rebuildable coils and wicks inside (genesis style atomisers).  (Efficacy 7)
The sixth generation of atomisers are coming out now in limited quantities, from experimenters who do their own design work in a back garden shed, before milling up the prototypes in their garage. There is one website/forum in the UK devoted to these hardy individualists (the Vapepit). If you think you have been abused, you should read what they call each other sometimes (me included). The sixth generation of mods are tending to be hybrids of the fifth gen mod plus a sixth gen atomiser. (efficacy ? – I haven’t bought one yet!)

There is no excuse for abuse in a public forum.

I am a hotelier, nearly 60, and certainly do not deliberately set out to offend anyone who has not already been rude to or about me, and even then I would prefer to do it in private. Calling vapers “astroturf” is certainly not the wisest of moves, we are not a monolithic organisation, rarely do we even agree amongst ourselves on anything other than the basics, indeed, one of the moderators of a forum referred to his “job” as “cat-herding.” Also the young among us (ie the mid 20s to mid 30s) do tend to be easily inflamed.


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