Vuse review from Spinfuel

This review of a new product is the first of the newcomers’ offerings in the vaping market – looks like they have done a good job too! – see the whole article – link at bottom.

The VUSE Solo and System
In addition to the disposable VUSE RJ Reynolds Vapor Company plans to sell a rechargeable version. If they are wise enough to use the exact tobacco formula in their rechargeable prefilled cartomizers I will buy one as soon as I can.

The VUSE “Solo”, aka the ‘Disposable’ and VUSE “System” aka the Rechargeable, will be sold in retail outlets across the country at some point. Right now they are available in Colorado and North Carolina.

RJ Reynolds seems to be committed to take the lead in the consumer category for cig-a-like products, and based on my experience with the ‘taste’ and vapor production they just might do it, as long as they manage to stay competitive in the price category and maintain the level of quality I see now in the disposable VUSE.…

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