The American Association of Public Health Physicians Supports E-Cigarettes


The AAPHP has called on the FDA to investigate and support the electronic cigarette as a better alternative to nicotine intake for the general public.

One of the most frustrating elements of the growing electronic cigarette industry is that it faces an uphill battle against the far-reaching tobacco empire. The pressure and sway that this industry holds is bolstered by their vast sums of money along with their historic ties with the government and major pharmaceutical companies. 


…the AAPHP believes that the FDA, for one reason or another, are being misleading with their statement to the public regarding electronic cigarettes. Currently, the FDA classifies them as a drug device combination – in other words, not a tobacco product. If the FDA were to follow the advice of studies that have already taken place that indicate electronic cigarettes being a safer option, they may be able to improve the health of many people. 
Similarly, the FDA are yet to conduct their own series of testing and show no immediate interest in doing so. According to the AAPHP, the risk of fatality from electronic cigarettes is roughly in line with cigarette replacement products such as patches – this alone seems to be in the public interest and could benefit many people looking for a way to come off traditional cigarette smoking.




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