I simply HAD to recommend e-cigs to my parents. They are safe enough!

Safe Enough
By Josef K

My parents have both smoked for over fifty years. Between them they have consumed over half a million cigarettes. They both enjoy smoking… the taste, the effect of nicotine and (particularly in their youth) the social aspect of smoking. For both of them, smoking is a choice they freely make… in the knowledge of the harmful effects of tobacco smoke upon their health.

I simply HAD to recommend e-cigs to my parents. Wouldn’t you?
I took some examples for them to try and after a few initial coughy episodes (one pretty bad), they ordered some ego-twists, evods and juice flavours which were put to the test last week.
I sat on the sofa next to my father as he vaped all night without reaching for a cigarette. All. Night.
Now I know what has been said by those advocating tobacco/medicines regulation for e-cigs. I know the concerns expressed and am familiar with the scientific data that exists. I know nothing is utterly risk-free… but I also know that e-cigs are safe enough.
Safe enough to allow my parents to enjoy an alternative to smoking without fear or discomfort. Enjoy. An alternative. Safe enough.
Faced with similar circumstance and similar choices, I would hope that the McAvans and McKees of this world would make the same recommendations to their own parents. To put over-zealous ideology above genuine care and concern would seem utterly heartless, to me.

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