Meeting with Conor Burns MP – Con, Bournemouth West.

Meeting with Conor Burns MP – Con, Bournemouth West. 1st November 2013, Rossmore Library 16.40 UTC,

by Miles Dolphin

I was early to the meeting at the library, and was shown straight in. After the greetings and introductions, came the traditional display of the varieties of e-cigs. He said that he had a couple of the cig-a-like types which he used occasionally at home, and expressed surprise at the VTR and EVIC.


A general discussion of the current situation followed, after which he asked what I thought would be the best compromise between tobacco and medicinal regulations (given that there had to be any regulations). At this point I explained the MHRA’s statement regarding the currently available ecigs and the costings for obtaining MAs. I then pointed out the cosmetics regulatory regime, and the ECITA “ISE” testing ( etc, and the similarities between the two, offering that something in that vein might be most appropriate.


The conversation moved on to discussing the local shop and importer/wholesaler “VaperTrails” ( He realised immediately the hardships that medicinal regulation would cause, and suggested that he might like to meet with the owner of the business (in hand).


I left with him a selection of documents:- Clive Bates and Prof Gerry Stimson’s Joint report, some other articles from “The Counterfactual”, the ECITA and ECCA commentaries on MHRA pricing, the latest “not a gateway doc” plus a collection of quotables from various notables in the field, plus my business card with the expression that if he had any further questions...


Finally I asked him his likely position on the subject. he stated that he stood on the side of freedom of choice, and he seemed unwilling to go any further at such short notice. He did not seem too impressed with the standard ecig brief that he had received from the Conservative Party.

My Verdict.

Conor Burns MP has not yet been un-convinced that medicinal regulations are the way to go, but is willing to read more, and he listens hard, as well as asking the right questions. As a sometimes vaper, he is ready to listen to us.



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