Nicotine trials, and why aren’t there any?


There is no published clinical trial examining the potential of nicotine for reinforcement.
That is to say, there is no published trial of the administration of pure nicotine to never-smokers followed by a detail investigation of any dependence created or not created. This is the single most important study needed on nicotine; no other study of any type has such importance. Indeed some studies, especially those carried out on smokers or ex-smokers, are essentially pointless as they have little if any value (and cannot provide any evidence whatsoever as to nicotine’s potential for reinforcement).

Suppression and concealment
We already know that factual information about nicotine is suppressed:

  • In October 2013, Prof Mayer of Graz showed that nicotine’s supposed high toxicity is a myth, and a new LD50 needs to be established up to twenty times higher
  • The CDC have done everything possible to hide their large-scale clinical trial showing that, since all 800 subjects tested positive, everyone in the population probably consumes and tests positive for dietary nicotine

It is unlikely that an honest trial of nicotine’s potential for dependence could be carried out at this time, since the results would likely be catastrophic for some commercial agendas and ideologies. We should be looking for historical examples that have been removed from view due to their unacceptable results, as with the CDC trial of nicotine in the population.

By Chris Price at E-Cigarette Politics

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