Metals in Electronic Cigarette Vapour are Below USP Standards for Metals in Inhalation Medications



by Dr Michael Siegel

Since 10 puffs is equivalent to about 1 cigarette, and assuming that a vaper inhales the equivalent of 2 packs of cigarettes per day, that would be a total of 200 puffs per day. We can then multiply each of the above values by 20 to determine the total daily intake of each metal, in micrograms, as follows:

Lead: 0.34
Copper: 4.06
Chromium: 0.14
Nickel: 0.1

Now, here are the USP standards for the maximum allowable daily exposures for each of these metals from inhalation medicines, in micrograms (from the United States Pharmacopeial Convention, Revision Bulletin, Elemental Impurities–Limits, February 1, 2013) :

Lead: 5.0
Copper: 100
Chromium: 25
Nickel: 1.5 

You can see that the total daily intake of these metals from the electronic cigarette brand tested by Williams et al. is far below the USP standard for each of the metals.


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