The Skycig Puffcount Fail!

This post has now been removed from the SkyCig site.

This Blog post by Skycig was recently drawn to my attention, mostly because it is still using the outdated and fairly thoroughly debunked, puffcount and nicotine content equivalence to say how many combustible cigarettes a Skycig was equivalent to!

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We were recently asked how we figure out the cigarette equivalents that we place on our packaging. On many of our packs you might have seen that we estimate one cartridge refill be equivalent to approximately 30 traditional cigarettes – “where do you get this number from?” we hear you cry – well here’s the maths:

Let’s compare our 18mg cartridges to say a pack of Marlboro Gold brand cigarettes


As you can see in the picture, a pack of 20 Marlboro Gold’s has 0.5mg of nicotine per cigarette. So if we consider that 1 SKYCIG cartridge has 18mg of inside it we can see that:

18mg divided by 0.5mg = the equivalent of 36 Marlboro Gold’s in a SKYCIG Cartridge

Or if we’re assuming that there is the equivalent of 30 cigarettes per SKYCIG cartridge, to figure out what nicotine strength each “cigarette’s worth” of SKYCIG vapour is we could do:

18mg divided by 30 cigarettes = 0.6mg per “cigarettes worth”

But as we know, it’s not just about the nicotine; it’s about how long it lasts. This one is a little harder to quantify as we know that everybody puffs at different rates. You might take really short puffs, where as your friend might be inclined to longer, more luxurious draws.

If Lyndsey Wilson were to be a user of e-cigs, she would know how inaccurate both the puff-count and nicotine content methods of description are.
I use approximately 7ml of 36mg/ml liquid per day. and I was a 2 PAD man.
So I find that 250mg approximately equals 40 analogues (0.9mg for my brand). Thus 6.25mg of nicotine vaped will be the approximate equivalent to 0.9mg combusted or about a ratio of 7:1.
Verey’s figures in his comment give a ratio of about 10:1
Matt Gluggles’ figures give a lower ratio, but still nowhere near the 1:1 you seem to assume.

The nicotine absorption from low temperature vaping is both much slower, and less complete than the absorption from the high temperature burning of a combustible analogue cigarette. Please take this into account in the future when you are doing tests.

I have tried a rechargeable Skycig, and I went through three cartridges in 5 hours, about what I expected from the figures. Good flavour though, and reasonably satisfactory prices – but please dump the equivalence, if you are going to do it mechanically or mathematically, without taking into account the difference in physiological reactions to temperature etc.

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3 responses to “The Skycig Puffcount Fail!”

  1. Geek says :

    The problem of equivalent puff between ecigs and cigarettes is a misunderstanding of how the nicotine is transmitted to the body.
    Smoke has much smaller molecules of nicotine than it has in water vapour – in the region of 30% smaller.Therefore, if you were to compare like with like, you would need to take 30% off the efficiency of the ecig to deliver the nicotine

    This is why an 18mg ecig gives the same sort of kick to a user that you would expect from a 11mg cigarette.

    This also works against the puff count, because you need 30% more puffs on the same level of nicotine to get the same effect.

  2. says :

    -Quality of nicotine e-liquid plays a large role in throat hit.
    Above 50% of the device users showed a noticable difference in their lifestyle, feeling more healthy, more active
    and generally having more energy. The particular evidence is in the
    fact that there is today more than one thousands of types of ecigarette available
    these days.

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