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View from the Front Line

View from the Front Line.


The story of one journey to becoming a non-smoker

Send for an Engineer…
By JosefK

Without a robust regulatory framework in place in the EU, e-cigarettes are now hanging in a legal limbo. It is essential that this emerging range of products is urgently regulated to safeguard people’s health”, said Monika Kosińska, Secretary General of the European Public Health Alliance (EPHA).
E-cigs are not a ‘concern’ for public health. They are not a smoking cessation product… not NRT… not a medicine… and there is no evidence of any harm, risk or hazard to public health that would warrant regulation. In other words, no scientific reason nor evidenced cause for any ‘public health’ oriented advocacy group to become involved. Whatsoever.


Under normal circumstances, a new consumer product is conceived, designed, tested, manufactured, boxed, distributed, sold and used under existing regulations. If a problem develops, an evidenced determination is made and appropriate action taken. If the product (in entirety) is demonstrated to be unsafe or hazardous to health it is forcibly withdrawn from sale.
These regulations are not draconian. Product recalls can (and do) take place where a manufactured batch (for example) contains a fault or hazard without the necessity for an entire industry to cease trading. The current system works… on behalf of public safety.
At present, in relation to e-cigs, assertions are being made regarding safety and health risks that have not been subjected to objective, evidenced determination and calls are being made for inappropriate action to be taken against an entire industry.

I challenge ANY organisation or individual that has ever questioned the ‘safety, quality or efficacy’ of e-cigs or that calls for restrictive regulation of the e-cig industry to prove that e-cigs are unsafe or are hazardous to health and have them removed from the market using current regulations and legislation. It’s not difficult… just wander into a Trading Standards Office with an e-cig of your choice and a photocopy of your eminent credentials and repeat your frequently-espoused assertions. If your complaints have merit, they will be listened to. By law.
Otherwise, folk like me will continue to demonstrate that your assertions, complaints and concerns are at best, simplistic assumption and inference… perhaps containing a few drops of moralistic posturing… and are at worst, puritanical prohibitionism and ideological zealotry… frequently accompanied with gibbering anti-tobacco-company crusading rhetoric and almost always a fatal misconception, misunderstanding, and deliberate misrepresentation of nicotine.
More people are vaping in the world than the entire populations of many European countries… and yet the voices of vapers are still being sidelined, their opinions ignored, and their evidence dismissed. This is a dangerous ploy for trialogue-engaged ministers as the one certainty that lays in the future is the ballot box.
As for ‘Public Health’ bodies and advocacy groups… they are so blinded by the headlights, blinkered, and so far stuck up their own vested interest that they are unable to understand that ’Public Health’ is not the foundation of e-cig regulation.
‘Public Choice’ is.



Gilbert Ross writes on The Parliament Blog…

By Gilbert Ross – 9th December 2013

Europe’s ‘Vapers’ must unite against the EU’s ‘unelected and unaccountable’ attempts to sabotage the use and availability of eCigarettes, warns Gilbert Ross.

Two months ago, when the European parliament took up deliberations on the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD), things were looking mighty bleak for ex-smokers who had escaped cigarette enslavement via eCigarettes. 

All signs pointed to a veritable ban of this new technology, based upon the EU’s deeply-ingrained, fundamentalist disdain for allowing smokers to keep using nicotine divorced from the toxic products of tobacco combustion: the smoke. Such a ban would surely have not been based on sound science.

So, have the public health agencies and health ministries globally proclaimed the Age of Gold, applauding the potential miracle of reducing the frightful toll of smoking? Quite the opposite: citing various “concerns,” ranging from hypothetical risks of vaping over the course of years or decades, to “re-normalising” smoking because of the similarity in appearance of eCigarettes and vaping to actual cigarette smoking, to the addictive danger of nicotine (especially for young people), governments and NGOs worldwide have waffled between hyper-caution and outright alarmism. 

Which brings us to the current disturbing situation. The momentum to ban or severely restrict eCigarettes seemed insurmountable, but vapers throughout Europe demonstrated loudly over the past summer, and the salutary culmination – or so we thought – was a ringing veto of the eCigarette ban by MEPs on October 8. 

Devotees of public health and anti-smoking groups (such as mine, The American Council on Science and Health) were beside ourselves with surprise and joy, but not so much as the vapers themselves, seeing what appeared to be victory snatched from the jaws of defeat.

Not so fast: the proponents of rendering Europe free of eCigarettes, or rendering them impotent, still held sway at the European commission and in the Council of Ministers, with whom the parliament would have to negotiate the final TPD. 


No Clear Link Between Passive Smoking and Lung Cancer…

By Judy Peres

No Clear Link Between Passive Smoking and Lung Cancer

A large prospective cohort study of more than 76,000 women confirmed a strong association between cigarette smoking and lung cancer but found no link between the disease and secondhand smoke.
“The fact that passive smoking may not be strongly associated with lung cancer points to a need to find other risk factors for the disease [in nonsmokers],” said Ange Wang, the Stanford University medical student who presented the study at the June 2013 meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology in Chicago.
Investigators from Stanford and other research centers looked at data from the Women’s Health Initiative Observational Study (WHI-OS). Among 93,676 women aged 50–79 years at enrollment, the study had complete smoking and covariate data (including passive smoking exposure in childhood, adult home, and work) for 76,304 participants. Of those, 901 developed lung cancer over 10.5 mean years of follow-up.
The incidence of lung cancer was 13 times higher in current smokers and four times higher in former smokers than in never-smokers, and the relationship for both current and former smokers depended on level of exposure. However, among women who had never smoked, exposure to passive smoking overall, and to most categories of passive smoking, did not statistically significantly increase lung cancer risk. The only category of exposure that showed a trend toward increased risk was living in the same house with a smoker for 30 years or more. In …

“Liberal Democrat Voice” written in April 2013

This is an old post I wrote as a response to Rebecca Taylor MEP on the “Liberal Democrat Voice”. (It was written in April 2013, and I had lost it.)

What you should be aware of:-

• Smoke-free is not synonymous with Nicotine abstinent.
• Smoke Kills, Nicotine does not.
• There is no such thing as second-hand-Vapour.
• Smokers are not ill, they do not need medicines.
• Vaping is an alternative to cigarettes, not a ‘cure’ for smoking.
• Flavourings in E-cigs are the barrier to moving up to smoking, not a ‘gateway’.
• Not all e-cigs look like tobacco cigarettes.
• The regulations the EU is proposing will drive hundreds of thousands of e-cig users back to smoking.
• 48mg strength e-liquid matches the strength of one single Marlboro when used for five minutes. 2ml will last a day.
• At 4mg/ml strength e-cigs will be ineffective for a new user.
• The Tobacco Products Directive, as currently written, benefits mainly the tobacco and pharmaceutical industries, by eliminating competitors for safer nicotine supply.
• E-cigs are customisable in terms of flavour and nicotine strength, that’s why they work.
• E-cigs can achieve what taxes, laws and regulations have never achieved, and never will: eradicate smoking.
• Nicotine and Caffeine are two sides of the same coin.
• Reputable retailers in the UK do not sell to under 18s now.
• E-Liquids are sold in properly labelled bottles with childproof caps.
• The RAPEX reports mentioned are (with one exception) all about missing CE marks and similar things, the one exception being a mislabelling event for E-Liquids.

The only part of the article which does not make sense to me is the phrase –”and e-cigarette use in public places.” The ban on smoking indoors in public places was put in place to benefit non-smokers. Since there is no evil effluvium from e-cigs, why would there be a need for this ban? it would cause people again to be rushing outside to vape in their breaks, whereas now in many places of work Vapers can remain productive at their desks/workplaces throughout.

The Electronic Cigarette Industry Trade Association (ECITA) has a standard of conduct and quality control in place and reports that it is in continuing discussions with the Trading Standards offices nationwide. Their Industry Standard of Excellence covers almost all the regulatory points mentioned the major exceptions being in the hands of non-members.

The article mentions ” the new EU tobacco directive proposes regulating electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) under medicines legislation”. UN-modified, this would be a de-facto ban on E-liquid as only the biggest (Pharma / Tobacco funded) businesses would be able to afford Marketing Authorisations for the only products that actually work (ie over 4mg/ml), and they are hardly interested in the smaller section of the market, the E-liquid users!

Thank you for reading my comments. – Miles Dolphin (Hotelier)

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EU is planning a breach of the constitution.


EU is planning breach of constitution 

The following press release was sent out by the German Vapers association IG-ED e.V. in German on Dec. 1st, 2013 and can be found in German here: EU-Kommission plant Verfassungsbruch Oder: Wie Demokratie zur Posse verkommt – Interessengemeinschaft E-Dampfen

I just finished the translation for international communities — for your info or, if you want to circulate it or bring it to the attention of your national press, fine, go ahead.

Best regards,


EU is planning breach of the constitution
Or: how democracy degenerates ever more into a farce

A recently leaked EU commission document of unverified origin shows that the EU commission plans to curb the democratic right to free speech in a coup de main at the next trialogue meetings between 3rd and 16th December.

What is it about?

Over the last 2 years, the EU has been working on a revision of the tobacco products directive (TPD2). At the recommendation of the WHO framework of the tobacco control (FCTC) they now also want to regulate the e-cigarette within the tobacco directive; in order to bring the consumption under the same regulations control mechanisms which previously already have been applied to the consumption of tobacco and to forbid them step by step.

Thus, a non-tobacco containing product, which hasn’t been approved as a medical product, shall be treated in a tobacco directive more restrictively than the tobacco product itself – though it doesn’t even contain any tobacco.

However, this contradiction doesn’t bar the EU Commission from sticking to their plans. The e-cigarette is a new product, widely unknown to the Members of European Parliament, and before it can even develop any noteworthy market potential, one strives to rather prohibit them on the quiet with the help of deceptive media campaigns and debatable statements of “experts”, the latter often being merely self-appointed.

What they didn’t envisage though were well-informed, partly scientifically experienced, and convinced users of the e-cigarette (generally known as vapers), who had a first-hand experience of the positive effects of the switch from tobacco to e-cigarettes. They couldn’t put anything over on them; moreover those users ensured popularity, technical progress, scientific researches and finally initialized a transboundary consumer initiative against the prohibition efforts.

As a consequence, the European Parliament contradicts the plans of the EU-Commission and leaves the e-cigarette within the tobacco directive TPD2 – wrongly so, and contrary to the distinct advice of JURI, the European Legal Committee – as a non-tobacco product, however also decides for a moderate regulation which the vapers could have accepted for the time being, even though gnashing their teeth.

As the Parliament has to find an agreement with both the European Commission and the Council, the Commission engineers a new scheme: in a very predictive paragraph, the citizen shall be deterred in the future to gather their own information, to build pan-European information channels or even, to use existing ones. Under the cloak of the ban on advertising, the Commission claims brazenly to remove the right to free information as well as the freedom of speech!

In the new claims regarding the TPD2 and hidden within the ban on advertising there is a passage which reads: 

“d) any form of public or private contribution to radio programmes with the aim or direct or indirect effect of promoting electronic cigarettes is prohibited;
e) any form of public or private contribution to any event, activity or individual with the aim or direct or indirect effect of promoting electronic cigarettes and involving or taking place in several Member States or otherwise having cross-border effects is prohibited;”

This means nothing else but a factual ban of e-cigarette forums, blogs, facebook groups, youtube channels, as well as consumers’ associations and interest groups related to the e-cigarette!

The Vaping Community is well linked-up Europe-wide, they help each other with technical problems, invent novelties, discard useless junk, and above all agitate politically against the regulation frenzy of the EU as in the above-mentioned consumers’ campaign.

Interest groups and consumers’ associations like the IG-ED e.V. in Germany (http://www.iged-org/) are organized by languages and not by national borders, and subsequently would then be forbidden to ever speak out in any media at all.

This is a clear violation of the fundamental democratic right of freedom of expression!

Possibly, this would never have been known to the public, if the EU-Commission had not tried to sell its further claims as a compromise. The truth however, is that they are trying to defend the sinecures of the tobacco and pharmaceutical industries against the e-cigarette: they lay down rules which exclude any of the existing and well-working products and therefore destroy everything which adversely affects their own concepts. “By cheer chance” by these rules only completely outdated and disputable products of the tobacco industry would get a chance, an industy which currently has begun to edge into the booming market. Noticeably, the pharmaceutical industry seems to be reserved and probably will not enter the market until it can feel safe enough to do so.

Some examples:

— Ban of refillable atomizers and of liquid refills

The technical development and progress has gained momentum by leaps and bounds in the past few years. From the initial cartridge technology, vapers have long moved on to sophisticated and well-performing tank atomizer systems. In these however, the tobacco companies have only little interest; afer all you can reutilize them nearly without limit, and therefore then own a permanently enduring product – which is not desirable as seen from the perspective of competition and profiteering. The pharmaceutical industry, on the other hand, knows how to fill little cartidges a million times. They only have to know what extactly they will be allowed to fill them with.

— Ban of nearly all flavours which aren’t also used in NRTs

Without any scientific reasoning and therefore, meaningless. Mostly the argument is urged that tasty liquids beguile kids to vaping and subsequently, smoking. Several studies have already conclusively falsified this assumption.

— Limitation of nicotine concentration in liquids at 20 mg/ml

Not backed up by science. On the contrary, studies show that sometimes even higher concentrations of nicotine might be recommendable for the switch from tobacco to vapor. The boundary value suggested by the EU Commission has been set merely gratuitiously and lacks any scientific basis.

— Limitation of nicotine volume in liquids at 10 mg/ml per packaging unit

The only purpose of this rule would be to enable a complete ban of everything but the (completely outdated) cartridge systems of the tobacco industry.

— Ban of cross-border trading as well as internet trade

Obviously the Commission is eager to regress the EU back in to the 1960s.

— Steady output of nicotine

Why should a harm-reduced product be able to do something which the really harmful product can’t do either? For the time being, there is no semi-luxury product available which would fulfill the requirement of a steady output of the effective agent, something that is typical and normal for pharmaceuticals only. So then, why should this be any different in the distinctly harmreduced alternative to cigarettes?

Here, the EU Commission is doing blatantly and tastelessly the very thing that Commissioner Tonio Borg falsely accused some EU-MEPs of: lobbying for the tobacco and pharmaceutical industries.

Regardless of any health consequences the Commission is trying to destroy a useful product in order to codify the tobacco industry monopoly on nicotine as well as to continuously guarantee the pharmaceutical industry their safe revenues which they generate with almost ineffective nicotine substitutes. Scientific findings pro e-vaping are constantly being ignored and maliciously negated.

Critical and informed users and citizens would be gagged in the future and quite obviously be deprived of their basic civil rights. In general, the freedom of speech is being limited in this way only by political systems that previously had appeared to be extinct in European culture. But the European Commission manages to turn democracies gradually and insidiously into a European dictatorship (“Eurokratur”).

IG-ED e.V. December 1st, 2013 — free for publishing in your country; we would be grateful for indication of source