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5 Dec 2013 by maki

Yesterday, UNESCO put washoku or traditional Japanese cuisine on ther list of Intangible Cultural Heritage Of Humanity. The details are here. It’s only the second national cuisine to be put on this list, after French cuisine in 2010, but it’s by no means the only food-related one to be there, not even the only one for 2013 (more on that later).

This has been in the news in Japan for some time, and it is regarded as quite a big deal there. There has been a lot of concern amongst some purists that washoku is slowly being eclipsed by the popularity of food imported from elsewhere, especially the west. And, I have to say this about my countrymen: Japanese people just love it when they as a collective or a Japanese person gets official recognition overseas. To be a bit sarcastic, it’s like one has not really and truly ‘made it’ until they get some kind of award from a non-Japanese entity. It’s a bit weird.

This blog is all about food, Japanese food, and the best of it, and how to prepare it yourself.

Maki is an excellent writer who really knows her cooking, as she should, being Japanese herself, even though she now lives in Europe. She also writes on http://justbento.com/

(Photo credit: The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan)Image


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