“Stamp Out these Ecigs before they Get too Popular!”


So there is a huge alliance of interests opposed to the rapid expansion of ecigs:
1. Tobacco Control.
As I understand it, TC is committed to a reduction of smoking prevalence of 2% per annum. It is not in the interests of many of the people in TC to reduce smoking any more rapidly than that. Some of these people are charlatans who see ‘public health’ as ‘a nice little earner’.
2. Tobacco Companies.
Hard regulation (as medicines, for example) would suit these organisations wonderfully well. Only they have the funds to pay the costs.
3. Drugs companies.
If ecigs are successful, demand for their cessation products will dramatically decline.
4. Government.
A rapid decline in smoking would be very bad for its revenue stream.
That is a terrible alliance of interests, and, as I see it, overwhelming.
Vapers must learn from the experience of people who enjoy tobacco. DO NOT TRUST THE GOVERNMENT. It will shit on you without the slightest qualm. MPs like Williams and Blackman will accuse you of killing babies, and will produce ‘studies’ to prove it.
The Tobacco Control Industry is in an awful panic to block the advance of ecigs because they are becoming far too popular far too quickly. Vapers have been scared to death once by  the propaganda. Now they are being demonised again. And, like true smokers, they can do nothing whatsoever about it.


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