“Liberal Democrat Voice” written in April 2013

This is an old post I wrote as a response to Rebecca Taylor MEP on the “Liberal Democrat Voice”. (It was written in April 2013, and I had lost it.)


What you should be aware of:-

• Smoke-free is not synonymous with Nicotine abstinent.
• Smoke Kills, Nicotine does not.
• There is no such thing as second-hand-Vapour.
• Smokers are not ill, they do not need medicines.
• Vaping is an alternative to cigarettes, not a ‘cure’ for smoking.
• Flavourings in E-cigs are the barrier to moving up to smoking, not a ‘gateway’.
• Not all e-cigs look like tobacco cigarettes.
• The regulations the EU is proposing will drive hundreds of thousands of e-cig users back to smoking.
• 48mg strength e-liquid matches the strength of one single Marlboro when used for five minutes. 2ml will last a day.
• At 4mg/ml strength e-cigs will be ineffective for a new user.
• The Tobacco Products Directive, as currently written, benefits mainly the tobacco and pharmaceutical industries, by eliminating competitors for safer nicotine supply.
• E-cigs are customisable in terms of flavour and nicotine strength, that’s why they work.
• E-cigs can achieve what taxes, laws and regulations have never achieved, and never will: eradicate smoking.
• Nicotine and Caffeine are two sides of the same coin.
• Reputable retailers in the UK do not sell to under 18s now.
• E-Liquids are sold in properly labelled bottles with childproof caps.
• The RAPEX reports mentioned are (with one exception) all about missing CE marks and similar things, the one exception being a mislabelling event for E-Liquids.

The only part of the article which does not make sense to me is the phrase –”and e-cigarette use in public places.” The ban on smoking indoors in public places was put in place to benefit non-smokers. Since there is no evil effluvium from e-cigs, why would there be a need for this ban? it would cause people again to be rushing outside to vape in their breaks, whereas now in many places of work Vapers can remain productive at their desks/workplaces throughout.

The Electronic Cigarette Industry Trade Association (ECITA) has a standard of conduct and quality control in place and reports that it is in continuing discussions with the Trading Standards offices nationwide. Their Industry Standard of Excellence covers almost all the regulatory points mentioned the major exceptions being in the hands of non-members.

The article mentions ” the new EU tobacco directive proposes regulating electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) under medicines legislation”. UN-modified, this would be a de-facto ban on E-liquid as only the biggest (Pharma / Tobacco funded) businesses would be able to afford Marketing Authorisations for the only products that actually work (ie over 4mg/ml), and they are hardly interested in the smaller section of the market, the E-liquid users!

Thank you for reading my comments. – Miles Dolphin (Hotelier)

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Hotelier, Vaper, husband.

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