Send for an Engineer…
By JosefK

Without a robust regulatory framework in place in the EU, e-cigarettes are now hanging in a legal limbo. It is essential that this emerging range of products is urgently regulated to safeguard people’s health”, said Monika Kosińska, Secretary General of the European Public Health Alliance (EPHA).
E-cigs are not a ‘concern’ for public health. They are not a smoking cessation product… not NRT… not a medicine… and there is no evidence of any harm, risk or hazard to public health that would warrant regulation. In other words, no scientific reason nor evidenced cause for any ‘public health’ oriented advocacy group to become involved. Whatsoever.


Under normal circumstances, a new consumer product is conceived, designed, tested, manufactured, boxed, distributed, sold and used under existing regulations. If a problem develops, an evidenced determination is made and appropriate action taken. If the product (in entirety) is demonstrated to be unsafe or hazardous to health it is forcibly withdrawn from sale.
These regulations are not draconian. Product recalls can (and do) take place where a manufactured batch (for example) contains a fault or hazard without the necessity for an entire industry to cease trading. The current system works… on behalf of public safety.
At present, in relation to e-cigs, assertions are being made regarding safety and health risks that have not been subjected to objective, evidenced determination and calls are being made for inappropriate action to be taken against an entire industry.

I challenge ANY organisation or individual that has ever questioned the ‘safety, quality or efficacy’ of e-cigs or that calls for restrictive regulation of the e-cig industry to prove that e-cigs are unsafe or are hazardous to health and have them removed from the market using current regulations and legislation. It’s not difficult… just wander into a Trading Standards Office with an e-cig of your choice and a photocopy of your eminent credentials and repeat your frequently-espoused assertions. If your complaints have merit, they will be listened to. By law.
Otherwise, folk like me will continue to demonstrate that your assertions, complaints and concerns are at best, simplistic assumption and inference… perhaps containing a few drops of moralistic posturing… and are at worst, puritanical prohibitionism and ideological zealotry… frequently accompanied with gibbering anti-tobacco-company crusading rhetoric and almost always a fatal misconception, misunderstanding, and deliberate misrepresentation of nicotine.
More people are vaping in the world than the entire populations of many European countries… and yet the voices of vapers are still being sidelined, their opinions ignored, and their evidence dismissed. This is a dangerous ploy for trialogue-engaged ministers as the one certainty that lays in the future is the ballot box.
As for ‘Public Health’ bodies and advocacy groups… they are so blinded by the headlights, blinkered, and so far stuck up their own vested interest that they are unable to understand that ’Public Health’ is not the foundation of e-cig regulation.
‘Public Choice’ is.




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