You can have my e-cig when you pry it from my cold, dead fingers .

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That’s the theory, but then there’s the reality: nothing the state does that is worth doing cannot be done better by people themselves. That’s especially obvious in our time when the forces of innovation and progress are entirely on the side of markets, while governments are left behind to wallow in their own bureaucratic and politicized mire. Given this, what are states to do?

The goal is always and everywhere control. They override our free choices and replace them with their own will. That necessarily means reducing the quality of our lives. And this they have done in nearly every area — they wreck consumer products daily, shut down websites we love, override innovation, harass entrepreneurs, tax the successful, and otherwise try to hold humanity back as much as possible.


In the end, human progress is made possible only through disobedience, by the flouting of authority, by the tendency on the part of the minority of revolutionaries to smash the status quo and replace it with something better, regardless of what political elites might think.

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