NRT getting debunked now

New Study Shows That Even Extended Nicotine Replacement Therapy is Extremely Ineffective; Unaided Quitting Rates are Far Better

study published in a recent issue of the Annals of Internal Medicine finds that even with continuous use of the nicotine patch for six months, very few smokers were able to stay off cigarettes long-term. In fact, the rates of long-term abstinence with the nicotine patch were far lower than even the lower end of unaided long-term quit rates. The research demonstrates that nicotine replacement therapy is terribly ineffective in achieving smoking cessation, is less effective than unaided quitting, and is probably a waste of time and money on a population basis.

The answer is ….
… None of the above. The actual number of subjects who achieved one-year continuous abstinence with the nicotine patch was 5, or only 0.8% of the sample.


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