Industry, not the consumer, needs to lead the push against TVECA

Industry, not the consumer, needs to lead the push against TVECA.


Enter the e-cigarette industry, stage left
There is an important and powerful group who are fully aware of TVECA’s duplicity. That group is the e-cigarette industry. Whether they are members of other trade associations, such as ECITA, or non-aligned companies such as Totally Wicked – they will be fully up to speed on TVECA’s actions.

Given that TVECA’s members largely depend on selling their products through other vendors and manufacturers, it is those vendors and manufacturers who wield the power that can hurt TVECA very deeply. If every vendor who is not a member of TVECA refused to stock the products of its members, if every manufacturer who uses TVECA products in its own products (such as e-liquid manufacturers who use Flavour Art products for example) then TVECA’s members would get the message loud and clear in a very short space of time.

That message has to be, quite simply…

“We do not support TVECA members. If you want to do business with us, quit TVECA”

So how about it, e-cigarette industry?
Are you prepared to lead a boycott of TVECA members’ products? Of course it won’t be easy. For many of you it will represent a fundamental change in many areas of your activities. But TVECA has now performed not one but two hostile acts against everybody who has anything to do with e-cigarettes and who is not a part of TVECA. Don’t be guilty by association of dealing with its members.

Just as you have enjoyed our support these last years, the e-cigarette users of Europe need your support now. We are counting on you to do the right thing.


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