The Waiting Room

Frank Davis

Maybe it’s just me, but the medical profession seems to be getting seriously out of order, and calling for more and more bans.

E-cigarettes should be banned in public places because they ‘normalise’ smoking, a leading doctor has said.

Surgeon Ram Moorthy urged so-called ‘vaping’ to be banned in the same places that smoking is prohibited.

No medical justification there. Just that e-cigs supposedly ‘normalise’ smoking. Doctors now seem to think they can say what is and isn’t normal. Or what should and shouldn’t be normal. When did that become their job?

This on top of calling for anyone born after 2000 to be prohibited from buying tobacco, and of course for plain packaging.

And then there are the calls for restrictions on sugar, salt, soda, etc.

And what kind of idiot thinks that there’s a ‘tobacco epidemic’? There isn’t one. Tobacco is a plant, not a disease.


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