Summary of British Standards Institute PAS 54115

From The Electronic Cigarette Industry Trade Association

PAS providing a guide for the importation and sale of electronic cigarettes and directly related products, with product safety testing methods
This summary document is provided to allow industry and other stakeholders, or parties of interest, to have a preview of the sort of provisions ECITA has put forward as the base document for the PAS to the British Standards Institute. We hope that this will enhance the robust public processes which the BSI will be engaging in as the PAS progresses towards publication. The PAS itself will change as the process moves ahead, but this summary is broadly representative of the base document we have submitted to BSI.
Please note that this summary only covers the main points from the PAS, and the numbering of this document is not the same as that for the PAS itself. Please also be aware that British Standards documents do not contain legal requirements; the assumption is made that any and all legal requirements will be complied with, as a matter of course, so this PAS – as with all other British Standards – is a ‘best practice’ model. That said, Trading Standards has indicated that they will seek to enforce the PAS recommendations, to ensure a high level of consumer protection.

Read more:- Summary of British Standards Institute PAS 54115

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