Just say no – the quit or die mentality which is keeping people smoking

Maintaining the position that a safer alternative to smoking is not “safe,” that all tobacco use is always deadly and that the only safe choice is to cease nicotine use altogether simply convinces smokers that switching to a safer alternative doesn’t provide enough benefit to warrant the effort of trying. Why any public health official would try to convince the world that a 95-99% reduction in risk is as bad as smoking is utterly beyond my comprehension.


If there were no perceived benefits to smoking, then no one would smoke. It really is that simple. The percentage of people in the population who smoke may have gone down, but the population has increased at the same time meaning that (although these figures are hard to pinpoint) in absolute terms there are very probably more individual smokers year on year. For thousands of people the benefits of smoking outweigh the risks; simply looking at tobacco sales will tell you that this is true. That the risk of smoking has been overstated by people who are supposed to be unbiased arbiters of health muddies the waters for smokers trying to seek the truth. I could see that the information I was being fed was flawed and so dismissed it instead of trying to ascertain the truth behind the exaggerations. I was far more likely to attribute my concerns about…

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