Defund the Incestuous Nannies!

I support the defunding of nannying Public Health NGOs.

The pernicious, insidious, and sometimes untruthful statements made by some NGOs is a veritable blot on the landscape of “Public Health”. Not all of them lie all the time, some rarely do, but when they do lie, it does tend to be at an important point in the history of their particular bete noir.

What you may not realise is that most of the NGOs are partially funded by you, and much of the money they get is used to lobby at all levels of government for regulations which, they insist, are essential to the well-being of the Nation. How do they get their funds from you? Usually as part of your taxes to either national or local government, from where their friends (the lobbyists) take a nice deep dip into the public trough.

I would ask you to consider, that, in a time of Austerity (according to many politicians), if it is right that government at all levels should continue to pay people  to lobby the governments that are paying them.

What are they lobbying for? – More restrictions and regulations which may affect you or someone in your family!

I wish to see an end to this incestuous habit, which is is using up scarce monies which could be better used elsewhere. I would like to see it become law that any body, be it any charity or any NGO, who receives public funding is not to be permitted to lobby their Public funding source. I would mandate a straight choice, either continue lobbying (or paying for lobbyists), or receive public funds, but never both!


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