Study Suggests that Telling Smokers the Truth About Electronic Cigarettes Could Enhance Smoking Cessation

By   Dr. Siegel is a Professor in the Department of Community Health Sciences, Boston University School of Public Health.
Taken from Study Suggests that Telling Smokers the Truth About Electronic Cigarettes Could Enhance Smoking Cessation

… in terms of the statements of anti-smoking groups, they should stop criticizing electronic cigarette companies for making truthful claims, such as that these products have helped many people quit smoking or that these products are much safer than tobacco cigarettes. By discouraging these types of truthful claims, the anti-smoking groups have in fact backed the e-cigarette companies into a corner: all they can do without arousing the ire of the anti-smoking groups is to market e-cigarettes as a glamorous or sexy form of tobacco use, or as a product that can be used where smoking is not allowed. This is exactly how we don’t want these products to be marketed.

The rest of the story is that it isn’t as simple as condemning electronic cigarette companies for using marketing that seems to appeal to young people, or which casts vaping as being glamorous or sexy. The companies have been boxed into a corner. And the ones boxing them into that corner are us! By us, I mean public health groups and agencies.

It is time to not only allow, but to encourage the truthful marketing of electronic cigarettes. Based on the current research, such an approach would actually aid the public’s health by encouraging more serious vapers who would have a higher likelihood of making the complete switch from tobacco cigarettes to the much safer electronic ones.

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