What type of e-cig/vaporizer gives the most smoke? I want one that will make a cloud, suggestions?

Answer by Miles Dolphin:

There are three parts to "cloud chasing".

  1. High power, and I mean HIGH, the minimum competitive chasers use is in excess of 30W these days.
  2. Multiple coils in the atomiser, with a high volume of air through it. Usually the atomiser's final resistance will be around 0.5 Ohm, which is considered to be the optimum point for this.
  3. A high VG (Vegetable Glycerine) e-liquid as PG juices do not have quite such a good performance. 100% VG is best (doesn't taste all that great though).

My own cloud cover is provided by:
A custom made mod incorporating an Evolv DNA 30 circuit board, which enables it to produce up to 30W from a 3.7V battery. (Note: high drain batteries are an absolute neccessity, 30A minimum recommended).
A KangerTech Aerotank Turbo, which comprises a pair of atomisers, each with dual coils, so it has four coils in total giving a final resistance of about 0.9 Ohm. This tank has a high capacity of liquid, and a very high throughput of air.
Since I am not really serious about cloud chasing, I use a 70% VG, 30% PG mix e-liquid.

Try these:-
Mod — $81.38 Authentic Cloupor T6 7-100W Variable Wattage APV Mod – 1*26650 / aluminum alloy / black at FastTech – Worldwide Free Shipping

Atty — $36.97 Authentic Aerotank Turbo Clearomizer – 6.0ml / 1.8ohm / quad coil head at FastTech – Worldwide Free Shipping — Note here it says 1.8 ohm, that for each of the two heads, final R is 0.9 ohm — it takes standard Kanger replacement heads.

These are about the best "off the shelf" suggestion I have, most cloud chasers use customised or hand built units.

Now for the important bit!

Do not try this unless you are already familiar with vaping and the equipment.
Using substandard equipment (especially batteries) can severely burn you! (literally burn!).
One cloud at a time, there is little oxygen left in a cloud, so remember to breathe!

What type of e-cig/vaporizer gives the most smoke? I want one that will make a cloud, suggestions?

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