Lawmakers are Repeating CDC Lies to Sell Legislation

Taken from:- CDC Campaign of Deception is Working: Lawmakers are Repeating the Lies to Sell Legislation

According to an article in the Legislative Gazette, New York state Assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal (D-Manhattan) is publicly claiming that electronic cigarettes will lead to an entire generation of youth becoming lifetime smokers. She also attacked the tobacco companies for lying about these products.

In the article, she is quoted as stating: “The tobacco companies are using the same tactics and lies they used to say about regular cigarettes. By accepting e-cigs we are hooking a new generation on a lifetime of smoking.”

Rosenthal also blasted the Conservative Party, claiming that they want to “wait until people get sick” and that
they are “standing up for something that is harmful.”

So where is the lie? Before Assemblywoman Rosenthal publicly accuses the tobacco companies of lying to the public, she ought to provide the specific statement(s) that she asserts are false. The rest of the story is that it is shewho is lying to the public.

Rosenthal’s third lie is that the Conservative Party is standing up for a product that is harmful. The truth is that the Conservative Party is standing up for a product that is not known to cause any substantial harm and which, instead, is helping many smokers quit smoking, and thus improving their health and potentially saving their lives. Ironically, it is the Conservative Party which is standing up for the protection of the public’s health and Rosenthal who is protecting the sales of the most toxic tobacco products on the market: real cigarettes.

By Dr M Siegel
Professor in the Department of Community Health Sciences, Boston University School of Public Health.

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