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Five Pawns to Introduce a New Line of PG-­Alternative Vapor Liquids

Post by Miles Dolphin:

Five Pawns to Introduce a New Line of PG-­Alternative Vapor Liquids

Five Pawns to Introduce a New Line of PG-­Alternative Vapor Liquids

U.S. government declares that vaping is not addictive (nor is smoking)

At last an official(ish) definition of addiction.

Tobacco harm reduction, anti-THR lies, and related topics

by Carl V Phillips

Sorry for the blog silence. I have been immersed in working on papers, with some interruptions to give testimony and interviews. I happened to stumble across this page from the U.S. National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) that addresses the question, “Is there a difference between physical dependence and addiction?” As my readers know, I have pointed out that the use of the word “addiction” in scientific analysis is completely inappropriate, given that the word has no accepted scientific definition and, indeed, it appears that no one can even propose a viable candidate for such a definition. Similarly, no policy debate — at least about tobacco products — should ever be allowed to depend on claims about “addiction” since those making such claims are usually implying they have scientific meaning, and even if not, there is not a shared interpretation of the term even in clinical or common…

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Bad Mod Explosion – WARNING

Post by Miles Dolphin:

Bad Mod Explosion – WARNING

Bad Mod Explosion – WARNING

I’m thinking of buying an e-cigarette, is it worth it?

Answer by Miles Dolphin:

Yes – if you are a smoker.
No  – if you are not.

In full:-

E-cigs were originally designed as a replacement for tobacco cigarettes, and have evolved from the first generation "cig-a-likes" to the big powerful mods and atomisers at the top of the current range.
So, if you are a smoker:
Not all e-cigs are suitable for any one person, pick one to suit yourself, your habits and needs. A current first generation e-cig is fine as a "proof of concept", but may not suit you in the long run. Experiment with other types and other flavours, it has taken me a while to settle down to one main set-up and a couple of reliable flavours, but it was worth it.
I would suggest that you visit a competent vape shop as close to home as you can and ask for their advice.

If you are not a smoker, just think very hard about all the cash you will spend fiddling with your new pastime, and the fun you can have watching your money blow away with the vapour on the wind. If you still decide you want to, FFS use a zero nicotine e-liquid.

I'm thinking of buying an e-cigarette, is it worth it?

Do e-cigs pretty much solve the smoking problem?

Answer by Miles Dolphin:

Potentially, yes, but the major problem currently is the political/financial one.

  • E-cigs need some regulation, for safety of manufacture and for quality of the liquids. Over-regulation and over-documentation could kill off many of the perfectly good manufacturers, because of licencing and testing fees.
  • E-cigs are not currently taxed as cigarettes are. This is already showing up as a drop in many tax regimes as a major problem, the most notable and public complaint about this came from Italy, where they solved their tax problem by putting an enormous tax on e-liquids, and destroyed a large part of the retail e-cig industry in Italy overnight.
  • Cigarettes are indeed addictive, e-cigs seem to be a lot less so. Whilst they give the same "hit" as burning tobacco, the addiction seems to be a lot less, it almost seems to be pure habituation instead. This apparently is why e-cigs are as effective as they are for people who wish to stop smoking tobacco.
  • Paraphrased:- If e-cigs are allowed to continue as they are with minimal regulation, we could see tobacco smoking prevalence reduced to a few percent by 2025.

Do e-cigs pretty much solve the smoking problem?