Do e-cigs pretty much solve the smoking problem?

Answer by Miles Dolphin:

Potentially, yes, but the major problem currently is the political/financial one.

  • E-cigs need some regulation, for safety of manufacture and for quality of the liquids. Over-regulation and over-documentation could kill off many of the perfectly good manufacturers, because of licencing and testing fees.
  • E-cigs are not currently taxed as cigarettes are. This is already showing up as a drop in many tax regimes as a major problem, the most notable and public complaint about this came from Italy, where they solved their tax problem by putting an enormous tax on e-liquids, and destroyed a large part of the retail e-cig industry in Italy overnight.
  • Cigarettes are indeed addictive, e-cigs seem to be a lot less so. Whilst they give the same "hit" as burning tobacco, the addiction seems to be a lot less, it almost seems to be pure habituation instead. This apparently is why e-cigs are as effective as they are for people who wish to stop smoking tobacco.
  • Paraphrased:- If e-cigs are allowed to continue as they are with minimal regulation, we could see tobacco smoking prevalence reduced to a few percent by 2025.

Do e-cigs pretty much solve the smoking problem?


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