Affiliate Marketing without the direct sales-person.

Hello and welcome to this introduction to Premier Cashback’s unique way to make money really work for you.

Let’s start by saying that I am just a customer of Premier Cashback’s two retail partners. I am not a salesman, I carry no stock and I don’t have to chase anyone for payments. I do not get paid a commission, a salary, nor any payments for recruiting.

[Pause while the traditional Network Marketers stand to leave the room.]

However, I do get significant payments, and my heirs will continuously do so in the future, even after I have departed this mortal network, and with no further work on either’s part.

The name of this game is 100% retention!

 [Second pause while the traditional Network Marketers sit back down – with jaws dropped.]

I have a choice:

  • I can be a passive affiliate, and do nothing at all. I will still get paid.
  • Alternatively I can be active and recruit more affiliates who want to use these shops and their products. This will speed up my incoming payments at no cost to me.

Premier Cashback’s unique model is sustainable, and transparent, so all members can see how others are doing. This makes it difficult for anyone to stand up and tell the little untruths about their receipts.

I have personally tested their fourteen day no-quibble money-back guarantee, and found it totally worthy of being called a guarantee.

For more details, you can tweet me @miledolphins, skype me on mdolphins or just leave a comment here.

About mdolphins

Hotelier, Vaper, husband.

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