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Should we switch to electronic cigarettes?

Answer by Norbert Zillatron:

I didn't want to quit anything. I just got curious because of all that scaremongering bovine excrement spouted by so-called "experts" and swamping the media. So I tried vaping and found it far superior to smoking. That was more than 3 years ago. More details: My Story

Still believe the myth of  "nicotine is highly addictive"?
"Just exchange one addiction for another"?
Then how do you explain away that many long term vapers have been surprised to experience Diminishing Dependency even if they–like me–still like to use high nicotine levels?

Most people think of ecigs only in terms of "cessation tool". That is the major obstacle to overcome, when you try to figure out, why and whether they work or not. Ecigs may be used like NRTs and then they can do a better job. But they are primarily just an alternative consumer product competing with tobacco cigarettes. Just like cola, tea, and energy drinks compete with coffee.
-> Vaping vs. NRT

One of the reasons, why vaping has the potential to be superior to smoking is all those Fancy Flavors that the professional scaremongers claim to have the sole purpose to "lure The Children". Bollocks to them!

And I believe in the Pleasure Principle: Should I ever quit vaping (and I have no intention now), any relapse would be to vaping, not smoking.

If a smoker wants to try vaping, my most important advice is: Don't Dismiss Differences!
Those cheap disposable cig-a-likes may be good enough as a proof of concept, but for most people not good enough as a long term alternative. Unlike the only marginal difference between brands of tobacco cigarettes, there is world of difference between types of ecigs and liquids. If one doesn't work for for you, try something else. I've heard a lot of anecdotes from vapers who first tried some "vape stick" and returned dissatisfied to smoking. Later they discovered modern tank systems and now are happy vapers.

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Should we switch to electronic cigarettes?