If Electronic Cigarettes are both cheaper (avoid all those taxes and packaging rules) and healthier, why aren’t all smokers switching to …

Answer by Chris Price:

There  are multiple reasons why THR products (Tobacco Harm Reduction substitutes such as ecigs or Snus) are or are not successful.

One of  the main reasons is that smoking is a government business, and both  they and their three main partners in the smoking economy – the  pharmaceutical industry, the cigarette trade, and the tobacco control  industry – all need to ensure that smoking is protected from any  threats. To that end, they jointly fund, create and promote the largest  propaganda campaign the world has ever seen, to prevent any threat to cigarette sales being successful.

Look at how the FDA and CDC work overtime to stop smokers moving to low-risk products. Look at the torrent of lies and propaganda coming from California, for example, a massively corrupt State that depends on its MSA funding from smoking for its solvency.

The smoking economy does everything it can to prevent smokers switching to products that can't be taxed extortionately as they don't kill anyone, can't generate MSA funds, can't provide a gravy train for the pharmaceutical industry, and will destroy the enormous funding for parts of the Public Health industry. It costs hundreds of millions of dollars to fund the propaganda and junk science campaign – but it makes tens of billions in return. It's great value for money.

Only the consumer suffers, and they don't count. Anything in this area is a free-fire zone, in any case: these consumers can be taxed extortionately, deliberately made profitably sick, and then killed off early to save on pensions and expensive healthcare for the elderly. Smoking is the world's most fantastic and profitable gravy train – in fact it's a license to print money – and no one is going to be allowed to interfere with that.

In very rare and exceptionally uncorrupted places such as Sweden, consumers are allowed to choose and are not fed a continual stream of lies about their choices. As a result, 66% of tobacco users are Snusers and only 33% are smokers. As a result, their national health statistics are unique; they have the lowest smoking-related death rate of any developed country by a wide margin (Snus is not associated with any form of cancer, especially mouth cancer: Sweden has the lowest rate of male oral cancer and lung cancer in the EU).

People  generally get the government they deserve, and governments *will* exploit and kill minorities for profit if they are allowed to.

If Electronic Cigarettes are both cheaper (avoid all those taxes and packaging rules) and healthier, why aren't all smokers switching to …

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