What are some lies that you’ve been told about vaping?

My answer to What are some lies that you've been told about vaping?

Answer by Miles Dolphin:

Lies about Vaping:

  1. Vaping is as harmful as smoking – Vaping appears to be at least 95% safer than smoking combustible cigarettes.
  2. The vapour is full of toxins – All detectable toxins found in the vapour are at either trace or below acceptable levels, when used as they are designed. That is, when not deliberately over-driven in destruction type tests which make the vapour extremely un-palatable.
  3. We don’t know what is in them – If any researcher does not know by now what is in vapes, then s/he has not done even the most basic document search, as there has been considerable work done on chemical analyses of both the vapour and the liquids prior to their being heated.
  4. Nicotine is a dangerous carcinogen – To date (May 2016) no analyses have shown nicotine to be a carcinogen. The toxicity of nicotine as a poison is shown in most references to have an LD50 of about 50mg for the average man : this is now known to be inaccurate and a more likely figure is going to be around 1000mg or even higher. The origin of the old figure was from self-testing in the nineteenth century. It appears to be difficult to use nicotine as a poison, as it usually induces extreme vomiting well before the danger point is reached. (I have done some searching and have to date only been able to find one confirmed adult death from nicotine poisoning in the records).
  5. The liquid is full of anti-freeze – Propylene Glycol (one of the main constituents of e-liquids) is found in antifreeze, it is put there to replace the ethylene glycol which was used previously because it is so much less toxic. PG has been, and is, also used in asthma and many other pharmaceutical medications, as well as in theatrical “smoke”. Ethylene Glycol traces were found once in a test of e-liquids, in 2009, in a sample from a company which has ceased trading.
  6. Vaping is a gateway to smoking – From the results of the largest longitudinal study of smoking habits, (The “Smoking Toolkit” study from UK Cancer Research – Dr Robert West) it is noticed that the opposite is true. Vaping appears to be a gateway out from smoking.
  7. Vaping “normalises” smoking – The opposite again seems to be more accurate. Vaping normalises “not-smoking”.
  8. Think of the “cheeldren” – With child-proof caps now an industry standard along with bans on sales to under-age children (which was instituted by most vendors long before it was mandatory) now in full use, it is fairly obvious that the vendors of vapes are in general responsible members of society as opposed to the purveyors of death, doom and destruction, that some of the zealots have portrayed them as.
  9. Nicotine is highly addictive – Research here is on-going. Nicotine does not, according to some of the latest research appear to be as addictive as was thought. It appears that nicotine combined with some of the MAOI chemicals found in tobacco is indeed highly addictive, but Pharmaceutical nicotine alone is not. Trials using nicotine as a prophylactic in fairly large doses against some debilitating diseases (Parkinsons for one) are under way and appear to be having some success. There have, to date, been no cases of addiction to nicotine as a result of these trials.

What are some lies that you've been told about vaping?

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