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Government Briefing to MPs on E-cigs.

Miles Dolphin

Electronic Cigarettes – POST Note

Electronic Cigarettes – POST Note

Published 30 January 2014 | POST notes POST PN 455
Authors: Sarah Bunn
Topic: Health education and preventive medicineMedicine,Research and innovationScienceSmoking
Electronic cigarettes produce a vapour typically containing nicotine, which users inhale. There is debate about their potential role in tobacco smoking reduction and cessation. This POST note summarises the evidence on the safety and quality of electronic cigarettes, explores some of the social issues raised and reviews current UK and EU regulation.

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Another year flies by.

Another year flies by..

A post by Ian in Southampton, concerning his first year as a vape-shop-keeper!

Best of Luck to him and happy anniversary!



Article 18. Is there one we can all agree on?

Article 18. Is there one we can all agree on?.


A much improved version of 18 – now all we have to do is get it adopted!

I think we have a fight on our hands.

By Robert Innes (via facebook)

The tobacco industry are a shower of rats. They have tried to kill me for profit. The pharmaceutical industry are a shower of rats. They would see me die for profit. The medical profession are, for a small part, rats, and for the other part, cowards for not speaking out and would therefore see me die, as long as they profit from cash or damage to reputation. The charities are in it for themselves. The politicians are in it for themselves, at least some of them, but the others are such a lazy bunch they only wake up after the vote. When! Oh when will right triumph? I think we have a fight on our hands.

Confused e-cigarette trade association TVECA supports e-cigarette regulation it opposes

Confused e-cigarette trade association TVECA supports e-cigarette regulation it opposes

This is a post from the E-Cigarette Forum….
…. and we wondered why TVECA were always so awkward to talk to!

if you look a bit futher
TVECA Affiliates | TVECA
you’ll see that “tveca is a proud member of coresta”
now if you look at this
and down load the full presentation, and look at the last page, you’ll find
Annex 1

BOARD MEMBERS (2012-2014)

Alliance One International (USA)
Borgwaldt KC GmbH (Germany)
British American Tobacco (UK)
China National Tobacco Corporation (China)
Imperial Tobacco Ltd. (UK)
Japan Tobacco Inc. (Japan)
KT&G Corporation (South Korea)
Papierfabrik Wattens GmbH & Co KG (Austria)
R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company (USA)
Sodim SAS (France)
Swedish Match North Europe Division (Sweden)
SWM International Inc. (USA)
Universal Leaf Tobacco Company (USA)
University of Kentucky (USA)

Indiegogo Appeal for Dr Farsalinos’ Research.

Electronic cigarette liquids analysis-evaluating potentially harmful ingredients

This is a link to an Indiegogo campaign, where Dr Farsalinos is appealing for the money to investigate one particular chemical which has unexpectedly turned up in e-cigs.

Please contribute a small amount if you are a user of e-cigs, this is important to all of us.

Miles Dolphin

Smokers die after taking Zyban cure!

Smokers die after taking Zyban cure

Eighteen smokers have died after taking Zyban – the new ‘wonder cure’ for nicotine addiction, The Mail on Sunday reveals today.
The deaths, reported by GPs to the Department of Health, have occurred in the seven-and-a-half months since the drug was launched. Those who died were mainly in their 40s and 50s – although one was aged just 21.
Health Department figures also show that 3,457 Zyban users have suffered a disturbing range of suspected side effects – from chest pains to fits, seizures and depression.
Manufacturers GlaxoSmithKline and health officials last night insisted there was no evidence that Zyban was unsafe. But Ministers are under pressure to launch an urgent investigation into the drug, which has been prescribed to some 270,000 smokers in Britain.
Experts said last night that, extrapolating the figures over a year, Zyban accounted for more than 25 per cent of all reported adverse reactions to medicines prescribed in Britain and more than 11 per cent of fatal cases. Mike Stone, of the Patients’ Association, said: ‘For the peace of mind of the people taking the drug, there should be some kind of inquiry.’

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