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Rhydian Mann, Welsh Vaper, responds to Antoinette Sandbach after face to face meeting

Rhydian drafted up a response after their face to face meeting, in order to address more in-depth, some of the key areas they discussed. Below you can find his response. I urge my readers to pay close attention to the details and factual information that Rhydian provides in his response. It is very important that when you are writing to anyone in Public Health or Government positions, that you are detailed, professional, and can back up your claims with evidence. Please always remember to be respectful and if you don’t hear back in a few weeks, always send a follow-up email, letter, or make an appointment for a face to face meeting.

Rhyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyydian, I just want to thank you for all that you have done and continue to do on behalf of Vapers in Wales and the UK. You should be very proud of yourself for the effort and endless hours that you put into it!

Letter to Antoinette Sandbach

Dear Antoinette

Firstly, thank you again for taking time to meet me and discuss electronic cigarettes with me. In the next few pages I hope to give you answers to the concerns that you raised during our discussion. I will answer the concerns in manageable sections for you with links to articles or websites which support my views.

1 – Electronic cigarette liquid safety….

Sine Qua Non

Frank Davis

A couple of weeks back, I was pleased to report that at its Doncaster conference UKIP had announced that:

UKIP will amend the smoking ban to give pubs and clubs the choice to open smoking rooms properly ventilated and separated from non-smoking areas.

Today, in Breitbart UK, UKIP deputy leader Paul Nuttall wrote a piece with the title:


 Early in the piece, he wrote:

Certain sectors of the hospitality and leisure industry, such as pubs, have been in the doldrums for over a decade. Indeed, a massive 10,000 have closed since 2002. This is particularly sad because part of our British culture is being destroyed before our very eyes, yet our political class seem at best ambivalent at best towards this loss.

I become livid when I hear politicians try to justify the closures with excuses such as ‘oh…

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Study Suggests that Telling Smokers the Truth About Electronic Cigarettes Could Enhance Smoking Cessation

By   Dr. Siegel is a Professor in the Department of Community Health Sciences, Boston University School of Public Health.
Taken from Study Suggests that Telling Smokers the Truth About Electronic Cigarettes Could Enhance Smoking Cessation

… in terms of the statements of anti-smoking groups, they should stop criticizing electronic cigarette companies for making truthful claims, such as that these products have helped many people quit smoking or that these products are much safer than tobacco cigarettes. By discouraging these types of truthful claims, the anti-smoking groups have in fact backed the e-cigarette companies into a corner: all they can do without arousing the ire of the anti-smoking groups is to market e-cigarettes as a glamorous or sexy form of tobacco use, or as a product that can be used where smoking is not allowed. This is exactly how we don’t want these products to be marketed.

The rest of the story is that it isn’t as simple as condemning electronic cigarette companies for using marketing that seems to appeal to young people, or which casts vaping as being glamorous or sexy. The companies have been boxed into a corner. And the ones boxing them into that corner are us! By us, I mean public health groups and agencies.

It is time to not only allow, but to encourage the truthful marketing of electronic cigarettes. Based on the current research, such an approach would actually aid the public’s health by encouraging more serious vapers who would have a higher likelihood of making the complete switch from tobacco cigarettes to the much safer electronic ones.

WHO do these eugenecists think they are?

WHO do these eugenecists think they are? #Quora @cjsnowdon

Post by Miles Dolphin:

WHO do these eugenecists think they are?

WHO do these eugenecists think they are?

Are electronic cigarettes expensive compared to their less healthy counterparts?

Answer by Ljubica Kljaic Petracic:

Already wrote about it on my site, so I'll just rewrite myself.

The answer in a nutshell: electronic cigarette is  as expensive (or as cheap) as you choose it to be.

With so many e-cig variants today, you can really choose whether you're going to pay around $50 or $150 or  more monthly. This includes initial costs (starter kit i.e. batteries a couple of cartomizers or clearomizers, USB charger, wall adapter)

Of course, there are expensive or, shall we say, way overpriced e-cig products on the market. These are mostly disposables, usually sold at malls, gas stations ets. They  don’t last nearly as much as advertised. After trying a number of these, I can say that  you basically give anything between $7-10 for several hours of vaping. You obviously don’t need that.

There are high quality reusable vapor cigarettes  that are definitely not on the cheap side. However, after trying out a number or e-cigs as reviewers, we at home occasionally still vape one famous brand  despite the price – they are that good!

On the other hand, speaking of low-cost ideas – eGo and EVOD batteries are the way to go, coupled with some clearomizers like CE4, 5, EVOD or other Knagers. If you don’t mind their size, that is, if you are willing to vape anything bigger than cigalikes. These batteries and clearomizers with replaceable parts are sold everywhere today. We know a couple of good internet retail places very well, both in US and UK. And I know from my experience that vaping eGo or similar (iGo, KGO, EVOD) reduces e-cigarette cost at least twice relation to smoking. You can even go cheaper than that, but try not to compromise the quality.

I'm not sure whether I'm allowed to post a link here to my site, but I'll try. In case it isn't allowed, I'm ok with it to be deleted and you can find me on twitter aunder the name  Switchtoecig

Are electronic cigarettes expensive compared to their less healthy counterparts?

Another ‘wrong charger’ story.

underdogs bite upwards

Quickie. I am enganged in sorting what gets transferred to the new computer and what gets left on backup. Ribs now allow me to move things… carefully.

A man was hospitalised after an Electrofag exploded and blew his legs off… well no, not really. The clue is well hidden in the article.

It is believed he was using a third-party charger that did not come with the original e-cigarette.

So it wasn’t an Electrofag at all. Once again it was a case of lithium battery, wrong charger. As for his needing three months of skin grafts, I have had more damage falling over drunk. It leaves scars. I have never had a skin graft although I once had an ulcerated cut (wasn’t even drunk that time) and had to use a topical antibiotic called Cicatrin (brilliant stuff) until it grew back. Left a scar that gets UFO buffs excited…

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Mountaineering for ANTZ

Courtesy of

….. I am insufficiently educated on the matter to say for sure.  There’s this interesting thing called “Mount Stupid” and I really try to avoid it.  It correlates with our capacity as an expert.  A little bit of knowledge makes people overly brave, but the more they learn the more they know how unprepared they are to discuss the subject matter, and there is a steep decline in their desire/ability to discuss the subject matter.  Thereafter, as their proficiency increases, there’s a slow, gingerly increase in their desire/ability to discuss the matter.